Do Kyungsoo: Master of Movement

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jo insung comforting kyungsoo

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Be my Chentleman’s charity project for chen 0.2!! 

As many of you know (or now you do) we’ve been raising money to donate to charity in honor of chen’s birthday! We already have over 2k (very close to our goal too!) and plan on sending him a certification along with all of your names, however, i’ve decided to accompany the names with a few cute pictures drawn by you! The prize? Chen sees it and you’ll see it later in an unexpected form as well! Interested? Here are the rules!!

  • Submission period: July 28, 2014- August 17, 2014 11:59 EST
  • All submissions must be in either .JPEG or .PNG.
  • Drawings cannot be smaller than 500 x 500 pixels
  • Does not matter if it is hand-drawn or drawn with a tablet
  • This MUST be your own work, I will search for it on the internet if I suspect something
  • Your drawing will be cut in the final project into a square so make sure everything fits
  • Lastly, by emailing your art you agree to let me use it in the way i see fit just for the project (don’t worry you get your credit!)

If you have any questions please message me!!!! I hope you guys will work with me and submit really nice drawings! I’ll pick around 5 so the chance is high for kim jongdae to see your drawing, even if you don’t know if you will win take a chance, submit one anyways! Old, new, whatever!

Submit all pictures to along with your tumblr url and a nickname/name you want on the actual project

Good luck!

When you’re working in a group project but your partner doesn’t know shit

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